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Shameful Sponsoring of Murder Everyday!

Ours are the pains of watching a pugilistic powerful nation that is also a pawn in the game of nation's much older and wiser. We are an adolescent nation, being led by, as usual a megalomaniac. Any leader who would run for office should be denied. Any one who will...

I Am

 Hey I'm back at it again. I originally planned to post this last week however between thoughts of over production (motion graphic intro to come) and my hesitation to release a video version of my thoughts I'm releasing this post a week late. Something really...

I’m All In!

Today I boldly go where I should've gone a long fucking time ago. Pardon my French but I'm a bit pissed-off at myself for not fully committing to this arena a lot earlier. The reason that I delayed was a bit two-fold. The first reason is that I'm Old School. I mean...

Historic Reflections with Dr. John Carlos

On Tuesday June 12, 2007 Dr. John Carlos stood alongside the statue erected in honor of he and Dr. Tommie Smith at San Jose State University. Dr. Carlos reflected on some of the historic moments and thoughts that led them not to boycott the 1968 Olympics in Mexico...

An Orbital Perspective for Donald Trump

As much as it seems to mystify members of this administration why a Black woman would tweet her feelings that in 2017, the President of the United States is a White Supremacist. Or that this president aligns and surrounds himself with White Nationalists, I...

The Power of the Athletic Platform

  Colin Kaepernick conceived an extremely non-violent way to protest that again brings the senseless slaughter of African American men to the attention of the nation and that was disrespectful of the country that excuses the over-zealous police tactics. In the...

2 Think or Not 2 Think

Just one of my rants about something that makes absolutely no sense to me. Maybe you can comprehend?

Why Black Lives Matter

Let me start with the name Black Lives Matter. The name came from a Facebook post by Alicia Garza in response to the shooting of Trayvon Martin. She argued that “the anger that was felt justified why black lives matter”. Comparing BLM to the KKK Any comparison of...

Dr. John Carlos @ SJSU Statue Unveiling Ceremony – Introduction by Peter Norman

On Monday, October 17, 2005, a sculpture of the famous moment when Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their clenched fists at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City was unveiled on the campus of their Alma Mater, San Jose State University. Dr. John Carlos delivers his speech to the audience. Introduction by the Late Great Peter Norman an unsung hero in his own right.

The Olympic Project For Human Rights

Thoughts on the political statement that was made by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. Featuring U.S. Olympic Coach Joseph Gentry, 1968 U.S. Olympic Coach Payton Jordan and USC Head Coach Curtis Frye.

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