Ours are the pains of watching a pugilistic powerful nation that is also a pawn in the game of nation’s much older and wiser. We are an adolescent nation, being led by, as usual a megalomaniac. Any leader who would run for office should be denied. Any one who will bomb or kill in the name of religion or corporate bottom line is psychopathic. I am so ashamed of humanity and myself at times.

We can all do better, know better, be better, it is our leaders, bankers and politicians that keep us from our Civic duty of being true to our Mother Earth. We work to make money, the greatest evil and unfortunately necessity of our millennia. 

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. This is our state and we as citizens are duplicit. I am staring at the man in the mirror and yet I do not agree I am forced to play the game…. It hurts and I know we are all above this. We have unfortunately been stewarded in these directions and so many have bought the lure, hook, line, and sinker…

We can make a difference, and the energy of our ancestors will help but we are the ones who have to make some changes. We change the plot. Lawyers are the answer ones who work with the indigenous nation’s of the world, to find some common ground to spring from. My dream is a global economy of indigenous knowledge from all over the planet. End to so much medical suffering with homeopathic cures for all ailments and the beauty of investing in minds and trees and infrastructure that has no coal or Petro chemicals and it is not fiction it has existed in our past. Much love

Erik Anderson

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