April Fools 2018 It’s also Easter. A celebration of the Resurection of Christ. 2Think or not 2Think is analogy of a real life situation that luckily I didn’t suffer the consequences of the vulnerable predicament I was placed. I chose to re-release this video on this day to try and make a point. Some of you will get it. Many of you will be offended and some will have no idea what this is about and also be offended. I’m sure of this because we all seem to tightly populate our comfort bubbles. We will protect the precepts of our bubble at all cost because if that bubble bursts… well… you know. Yeah, you know. Ya know, maybe if we were to take a step back and look at the situation from the opposing view we might discover that (I know they can’t be right so…) they’re a little less wrong than we are. We might even discover that somewhere in between your opinion and mine is a compromise that we all can live with. A real life miracle. Imagine that. Just a thought. I could be wrong. I AM human.

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