I Am

by | May 31, 2019 | conscious thought | 0 comments

 Hey I’m back at it again. I originally planned to post this last week however between thoughts of over production (motion graphic intro to come) and my hesitation to release a video version of my thoughts I’m releasing this post a week late.

Something really interesting happened that I really wasn’t expecting. The support I received from some of you, either in the comments on Facebook or in person, was a bit overwhelming. I appreciate all of your concerns and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having my back. I truly have the greatest friends in the world. Sorry if you thought that you did but I definitely do!

I understand that a lot of nuances in communication are lost in written format which was the clincher for me to reluctantly release this video. To be clear It’s All Good in the Hood and this is not a cry for help. I am challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone in a public forum and even further out to express in a video format. I am comfortable in front of a camera; however, chose a career behind the scenes for a reason.

The title of this episode of “Bustin’ Out nOzmind” is, “I Am”. I Am is a tool developed my a friend of mine, Gaylon Logan Jr, as a method to reconnect with your essence. We are often associated with or associate ourselves with our occupation END OF LINE. However we are are always so much more. After watching this video out I challenge you to go through the I Am exercise in the privacy for your own benefit or if you feel so compelled I invite you to share it on a video or in written format. Either way I’d like to hear your thoughts of this exercise.


I Am from dabigO on Vimeo.

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