I’m All In!

by | May 17, 2019 | conscious thought | 2 comments

Today I boldly go where I should’ve gone a long fucking time ago. Pardon my French but I’m a bit pissed-off at myself for not fully committing to this arena a lot earlier. The reason that I delayed was a bit two-fold.

The first reason is that I’m Old School. I mean I’m a Triple or quite possibly even a Quadruple OG. What that meant to me and a few generations of people is that we were raised that there are two types of personal information. Public Knowledge and Nunya Business.

Public Knowledge is as it seems is the stuff about me that I’m either proud of or don’t care that you know about me. It’s the safe stuff. Stuff that whether or not you agree with my choices are still choices that I can live with you knowing or thinking about me in a particular way.

Nunya Business is just that, NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!

Again, excuse me I get excited from time to time and I’m good with that.

The problem with that in this new Age of Information and Technology is that I’m keeping some information that may be of assistance to you. I’ve dealt with shit that some of you couldn’t possibly imagine and I’m not looking for your damn pity. I’ve had my share of Pity Parties (mostly with myself) and they never seem to remedy a thing so I stopped throwing them.

Then again some of this shit you may be going through right now and you feel that you’re the only one. That somehow your situation is one that is so unique that no one has ever faced anything like it in the history of human existence. You’re not alone. No matter what it is!

The other side of that story is that in sharing some of my challenges I may find comrades in The Struggle. And yes, The Struggle is Real twenty475two!

There is one last area that I have been hesitant in sharing because it almost feels like bragging and that was a trait that we Extra OG’s never really appreciated in others. I am going to shed that belief as well because that belief no longer serves me. I am extremely talented in the things that I do but it does no good if only a few people know about it. Besides, I must quote my friend Sarah again, “It’s a mighty pitiful puppy that can’t wag it’s own tail”.

So I’m all in with sharing The Good, The Bad and Some of the Ugly. I still don’t believe in sharing challenges that have no bearing on the lives of others.

You see I truly believe that there is a middle ground between putting all of your business in the world (used to be the street) and being so private that only your closest of friends know what type of person you are or the benefits of knowing someone of your character and talents.

What do you think about possibly sharing more of your life experiences to the global library? Really, let me know in the comments below. I’m really curious to know.

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