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Imani (Faith) 

Today we light the final red candle representing Imani, or Faith. After reflecting on the foundational principles of Unity, Self-Determination, Collective Responsibility, Cooperative Economics and Purpose, we end by embracing Faith.   Imani is faith not merely in...

Kumbaa (Creativity)

Today we light this candle celebrating Kumbaa - creativity manifested through the vibrant, unapologetic expressions of our communities. The creative impulse flows through us inherited from ancestors and kindled to blaze trails for those coming after us.   Kumbaa asks...

Nia (Purpose)

On day five, we light this candle for the principle of Nia or Purpose. Our collective purpose drives and aligns our individual ambitions; each of us are best realized in service of uplifting our people.   Nia asks us to define industriousness, prosperity and success...

Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics

On the fourth day of Kwaanzaa, we light the candle representing Ujamaa or Cooperative Economics. This reminds us that collective economic empowerment better serves community prosperity compared to unbridled individualism.  Ujamaa encourages skill sharing, networking...

Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility)

On the third day of Kwaanzaa, we light this candle representing the principle of Ujima - Collective Work and Responsibility. This reminds us that progress and success are rarely achieved alone. Our fates are intertwined with our communities. True prosperity uplifts...

Umoja (Unity)

Today marks the first day of Kwanzaa, the principle of Umoja or Unity. This serves as a reminder to strive for unity within our community and nurture the bonds between people that transcend divisions. Unity does not mean uniformity. True unity celebrates diversity...

White Backlash

Racism is Alive

Saddest Lines

The Magic Moment

As I promised I present a #TBT image from yesterday morning. When this moment revealed itself I felt energized. I feel the energy as I make this post and I truly hope that it uplifts your day. Go out and do something so spectacular that you feel compelled to share the...

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