On day five, we light this candle for the principle of Nia or Purpose. Our collective purpose drives and aligns our individual ambitions; each of us are best realized in service of uplifting our people. 

 Nia asks us to define industriousness, prosperity and success not by conventional terms set up without our input – but on our own philosophical values instilled by shared heritage and experience. Purpose then fortifies resolve.

 The journey towards self-mastery for creative professionals is intensely personal, yet interwoven with community context. As we nourish our talents, we peel back the layers of our complex identities – re-examining the values instilled by upbringing to find the truths that most align with the who we choose to become.

 In the quest to produce great works, we search tirelessly for inspiration…often realizing this muse emerges from places and stories rooted in our cultural heritage. Our creative purpose is frequently discovered – after countless chapters chasing bright lights that lure us far from home – when we return to our roots and give a voice to the neglected narratives of our true self.

 The full realization of creative gifts reveals our hidden soul – sketches become conduits of expression for those long unheard. Songs that rekindle both indignation and promise. Words utilized to champion the trampled dignity with hope and compassion. The blossoming of purpose through creativity is growth from self-focused to focused contribution. It is the light once used to shine only our way now brightly illuminating the collective path forward.

 Nurturing creative talents or pursuing bold professional goals are hollow without thicker roots tangled in community soil. Seek purpose not just to distinguish oneself but to honor the shoulders you stand on by pulling others up in turn. Plant seeds inspired to feed generations beyond your gaze.

Let bold dreams require bold character; tamper ambition by asking how it contributes back to the people who invested first belief. Seek fame for spotlighting the unseen, the overlooked, the marginalized masses. Chase riches to one day fund bolder dreams by those inheriting this earth after you transition. Know true purpose.



Food for consideration:

1) How were you raised to see purpose relating to community? Does this still ring true?

2) What dream have you hesitated to chase out of fear of others’ disapproval and how can you overcome that this year?

3) How can one balance individual purpose with responsibility to our cultural community?



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