In wake of the President of the United States’ decision to call NFL player a Son of a Bitch in a the speech in Alabama we witnessed the unification across the league. It not only united the players, it also joined some coaches, management and even owners. It has also begun to spread into other sports.

Maybe this was a knee-jerk reaction to having your mother called a bitch or maybe that you may not want the government telling you tell you how you should handle a law abiding employee. What seems to have been lost in this whole conversation is the original reason for Colin Kaepernick’s protest.

The killing of unarmed black people at the hands of the department that’s paid protect them.

To deflect from his position the issue has been spun into disrespect for the American flag, the country and the soldiers fought and those who gave their lives to protect the freedoms promised by the Constitution.

The notion that one should not be allowed to exercise their First Amendment Right, not second or third but First Amendment Right, to peacefully protest the government of the people for the people because you disagree is ludicrous in the home of the brave, land of the free.

You have Jeanine Pirro angrily scolding professional athletes by saying, “that this country ALLOWED YOU to shine and become financially prosperous… and that they should be ashamed.”

Let that marinade for a moment.

THIS COUNTRY ALLOWED YOU, like they’re on a plantation and ALLOWED to get paid for sacrificing their bodies for the entertainment of others.

Then there’s the argument that if you are paid athlete or celebrity you must give up your morals. The fact that some people believe this to be true seems to indicate that their morals are for sale. But that’s another rant for another day.

Getting back to the Olympic Project for Human Rights, 49 years ago today Tommy Smith, Peter Norman and John Carlos stood in solidarity to show their support for human rights and we’re still fighting for human rights today.

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