I’d like to welcome you to Quad.2. At some point this may evolve into a video blog or a podcast I haven’t decided yet. At this time I just need to unload this project nOzmind.

Quad.2 is the real time story of the unexpected reinvention of a 60 year old by a 59 year old. Well to be honest I’m not 59 yet but I will be very shortly and I’m going to enjoy each and every moment of 58 that I have left. Oh yeah!

This reinvention was unintended. You see I had hoped to return to my craft after taking a leave of absence to care for family. What I found was an industry that had gone through a dramatic change and trying to get back to where I fit in as a freelancer was going to be quite a challenge. The when I considered the degree of madness that the industry has devolved into I wasn’t sure that it was worth fighting to get back in.

After awhile it became clear that my future in motion picture production would have to revolve around producing stories that I’m passionate about. The stories that may not attract those who dwell within the extremist bubbles (That’s bubbles with an “S”) that generate so much contentious emotion. My focus is quite contradictory to those views.

Besides my own cause to introduce motion picture production to underserved communities in an effort to expand their vision of possibilities, I have recently identified 2 other causes that I feel very strongly about. One is the development of a church/theater group that strives to expand the same visions of possibilities to underserved communities and the second, which manifested itself as I was writing this paragraph is a song about local musicians who have lost loved ones to violence. I’ll take the timing of these opportunities to confirm that I’m definitely on the right track with this stream of Quad.2.

Another creative outlet that I will utilize will be my music. I have a friend who has been bugging me for years about playing my trumpet and keyboards again. I have contemplated it for a while and have even thought about producing a compilation of songs where I play both. Soon I’ll rejoin the Big Bird on stage and I look forward to jamming with him again.

Besides storytelling and music I have a pretty good eye for layout and design. I have also been known to talk mierda mucho! So I plan on bringing the 2 together and create a line of apparel to be sold online at Shop twenty475two or at a function near you. I am also planning on opening Shop twenty475two up to other artists and designers as a cost effective way to introduce their wears.

Last but definitely not least I will exploit my knowledge of Real Estate, Apartment Management and Maintenance through Revitalized Homes. Having been involved with our family apartment building for as long back as I can remember. I truly understand the value of a great tenant, great management and unfortunately bad tenants and even worse bad management. I continue to expand my knowledge of various forms of Real Estate Investment Opportunities because I know first hand how real estate is the most efficient way to generate wealth. I am an active member of a Nation-wide Association of Real Estate Professionals.

I will continue to follow my passion for Ice Hockey and introduce the game to as many people that I can attract. It is the ultimate team sport and it teaches confidence and dedication. Once you understand the rules and some of the strategies it’s the most exciting game to witness and tons of fun to play.

So in a nutshell, these are the basic precepts of Quad.2. As I muddle my way through this process I shall commit myself to sharing my conquest, rants, reministions (my new word don’t worry about looking it up) of past lives, challenges and accomplishments while seeking out other like-minded individuals to share their experiences. Welcome to my journey. GAME ON!

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