Sam Adams Utopias

by | May 31, 2019 | The Ultimate Connoisseur | 0 comments

Sam Adams Utopias more than any other beer is the reason that I decided to develop The Ultimate Connoisseur. I remember seeing it on the old show Beer Nuts. It is (from what I understand) the highest alcohol content beer in production. The first time I looked for it here in the Bay Area the closest bottle that I could find was about 80 miles away in Healdsburg.

I didn’t make the trip because I have been thoroughly disappointed in the past. I wasn’t about to drive that far to find out that they sold the last bottle to the couple that I passed on the way into the store.

So I somewhat patiently waited (as if I had a choice) until a couple of years later I tracked a bottle to my local BevMo.

Upon arriving I saw it sitting there with a (wait for it)

… $200 price tag.

I stood there for awhile trying to come up with a justification for purchasing a $200 bottle of beer. That was also about the time the I started to really wonder what a $200 bottle of beer tasted like.

I finally brokedown and bought it. (Thanks, Captain Obvious) I figured that I would use it to shoot some footage for my demo reel and write it off to marketing.

And yes I’m using this episode as demo footage. Duh!

In the end, I’m very happy that I brokedown and made the purchase. It is one of the most unique beers that I have tasted. In later episodes I’ll bring in other opinions as well.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

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