I’ve witnessed some seriously dumb shit in my life. I’ve done some stupid shit as well but every time I think I’ve witnessed the limits of man’s (or woman’s) stupidity along comes another human to claim that crown.

Sometimes before the previous… winner (?) can be crowned.

I’ve seen some really smart people do some of the dumbest stuff EVERRRR! So no one is impervious to the fallible traits that MAKES US HUMAN. We make mistakes. A lot of them. True, some of us make more than others and that’s where the inspiration for this idea.

Anyway as a dedication to all of the stupid stuff I’ve seen and the stupider stuff that has yet to manifest I created this…

Wait for it….

The Stupid T-shirt.

This stupid t-shirt is the first design created for Shop twenty475two.

Stupid, huh?

What’s even stupider is the dumbing down of our society and if we don’t do anything we are complicit.

What do you think are the largest problems facing life on this planet?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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