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Not all transformations and reinventions are scheduled. Sometimes you think it’s safe to return to the terrain where you used to flourish and it’ll all be good. Then you realized that things have drastically changed and there’s no one to blame. Well there are a few people that you could point your finger at as being responsible for your circumstances but in the end it’s all on you. It’s at times like this that you have to put your grown pants on and execute. This is the story of my unscheduled reinvention. Over the next year I must go through a major transformation in order to develop the successful version of my 60 year-old self.

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iCatcher Communications

I am a Visual Collaborator. I help people tell their stories. My specialty is motion picture production. Having spent 27 years in the Camera Department. I love the great places I get to explore, the extraordinary people with whom I have the privilege to experience and the amazing stories that unfold before my eyes. I love to be creative. I love to take an idea, develop the concept and transform it into something tangible for all to see. I love the aesthetics of camera composition, the creating of stories with images and I’m absolutely amazed by light.

Shop twenty475two

twenty475two was developed from my pet peeve of a common saying that makes absolutely no sense. 24/7/365 It is impossible to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week every day for 365 days. By tapping into my creative community I have created a space for Apparel that supports social equality, social justice and expanding the possibilities for underserved communities. Our products are eco-friendly and we strive to decrease our footprint. Shop for a good cause. Shop ‘til you Drop.

Giving Back

After witnessing the shortcoming from some of the community organizations that seem to have contributed to the term, underserved communities. I’ve also witnessed funding being directed towards catch phrases of the day. One thing that I truly believe is that if you expand the vision of an underserved community you can bring hope to a 20-block universe. I’ve developed an introductory course to motion picture production for high school students that has resulted in 4 student lead PSA’s.

Revitalized Homes

As far back as I can remember we had an 8-unit apartment building in the family. Being a family run business we were responsible for maintaining the building ourselves. I learned basic plumbing, basic electrical, painting, flooring as well as weekly custodial service. As I got older I found myself managing the building and dealing with tenant disputes. I have added to my practical knowledge and I’m member of a national real estate network. Revitalized Homes represents the services I offer as a Real Estate Solutions Specialist.


I’d like to welcome you to Quad.2. At some point this may evolve into a video blog or a podcast I haven’t decided yet. At this time I just need to unload this project nOzmind. Quad.2 is the real time story of the unexpected reinvention of a 60 year old by a 59 year...

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