Colin Kaepernick conceived an extremely non-violent way to protest that again brings the senseless slaughter of African American men to the attention of the nation and that was disrespectful of the country that excuses the over-zealous police tactics. In the end, there are many excuses that can be generated to demonstrate why white people can’t support the demonstrations of communities of color against the abuse of power that we deal with. They are quick to give advice on what WE need to do to change the outcome of police encounters while developing excuses for police misconduct. The message that is being received is the same message that has been repeated whenever people of color demand equality and it comes in loud and clear. SHUT UP AND STAY IN YOUR PLACE, (fill in the blank)!!!

It has been asked by many what IS the acceptable way for people of color to protest their grievances? Before video, there wasn’t a way to demonstrate the abuses perpetrated against people of color by Law Enforcement. With the introduction of video evidence in the Rodney King incident, the community finally thought that these abuses could no longer be denied and would finally be properly addressed. That didn’t happen.

When mobile video revealed more and more abuses, the same non-responsive actions took place and the community marched in protest with the Black Lives Matter movement. #BLM was subsequently labeled as a militant group because of some individuals, who were denounced by BLM, were getting into confrontations with Law Enforcement. As a result, the BLM demands were ignored because their movement isn’t the proper way to protest because they “promoted violence against law enforcement.

Colin Kaepernick was joined by more and more athletes of other sports to bring attention to the need for this country to address the lack of accountability for some Law Enforcement Officers with regards to their abusive conduct. When I hear people talk about how these high paid athletes should be grateful for the opportunity giving to them to make Millions of dollars to play a game that they played as a kid, I am reminded of the scene from Animal House when Otter addressed the Greek Council and turned the indictment of Delta fraternity activities into the “bad mouthing the United States of America”

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The thought that kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem in some way intended to be disrespectful of the Veterans and the military is a bit preposterous. Especially, when you consider that Veterans fought to preserve our constitutional rights and that the primary right (not the second or third right) they fought for was:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


There is absolutely no mention that everyone must agree with or even like how the grievance is displayed as long as it’s peaceful. So like it or not, these selfless athletes have kept the plight of the neglected

Many of the veterans who fought and gave their lives were Black. These brave men and women have fought to for the promise of this country of liberty and justice FOR ALL. To think that they made sacrifices to be deprived of liberty by a legal system that doesn’t distribute justice equally further supports the argument that this country needs to learn that Black Lives Matter.

Marvin L. Boatright, Veteran Who Kneeled By Trump’s Motorcade Explains Why Protests, Patriotism Go Hand In Hand

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